Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer art with the Hunter-man!

So Hunter has never really been into crafts or anything like that.  He would rather be playing!  He doesn't even like to color, really.  I know... and he is my son!  I wish he would color some, just to give me an excuse to sit down and color, too.  I know... I'm weird.  Anyway.... I found something he likes to do! 

I got this from the Disney's Family Fun magazine. 

It's paint throwing!  Hunter LOVED it!  
Ok and to tell you the truth he does like to paint, however when he paints he just paints the whole page.  He doesn't make anything out of the paint or try to paint a certain thing.  He just paints the whole sheet all the colors I give him.  

So you get these rubbery, pokie balls that you can find at target in the dollar section.  Then I let him dip it in paint and throw it at some paper that I stapled to the fence.  So simple!  

He loved it!  He did end up taking off his shorts, too!  It was funny.  He was worried about getting paint on his hands and body at first, but he slowly got over it.  He had a lot of fun! 

It was super hot outside, we did this while Maggie was taking her afternoon nap.  This was his finished product.  He can show you what he "painted" in the picture.  We will have to do this again! He loved it! 

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