Friday, August 5, 2011

The Children's Museum

So Friday we went to the Children's museum in Houston.  It was really neat, but kind of crowded.  I wish there weren't as many people there because I think Hunter would have LOVED it even more.  Oh well... guess we will have to go again. :)

Maggie fell asleep on the way to the museum and had a hard time waking up.  She finally woke up to play with Hunter and Gracie at the magnet table. 

Even Gracie played at this table! :)

Then there was the huge arch that Hunter pulled down.  Don't worry you were supposed to be able to pull it down.

So we put it back up!  Maggie and Hunter both helped!  Maggie kept giving me blocks. 

This table we could have been at forever.  You were supposed to roll golf balls into holes at the end of the table.  Well Maggie doesn't know how to roll... but she did get the balls in the holes way better than anyone else.  It was so funny to watch her. 

Hunter drove us around Mexico! 

And Maggie did a little driving, too!  It was funny because on our way home we stopped at the mall in Temple for dinner and they had a real car on display in the middle of the mall for everyone to look at.  Well Hunter saw it and was like oh yeah!  I wanna drive that car.  Let's get in!  He thought it was like the cars at the museum.  He thought they were just for you to play in. :)

Maggie and Gracie headed up to Tot Spot and played for a while.  Hunter and I went shopping! 
When you first get inside the museum all the kids get a credit card.  This is a picture of the town that you can work and shop in.  It was really neat!  They had all kinds of different jobs you could do.  They also had a grocery store.  Hunter got his basket and his shopping list and was off.  He wanted to make sure he got everything on his list.  But he did get some cookies, too! :)  He thought he needed them.  Kids are also the workers and are there to check you out, and you get to use your credit card to pay.  It was really neat!  He loved it!  I wish it wouldn't have been so crowded.  I think he would have enjoyed the whole city! 

Here is a picture of Miss Gracie playing in the tot spot.  She was so cute!  She really liked it!  
After Hunter and I went shopping, I switched places with Daddy.  I got to play with Maggie some and he went off with Hunter. 

Here is Mags driving the car in the tot spot.  She liked it! 
Hunter had fun in this metal maze thing with Daddy.  Ben said he was so funny trying to figure out where to go!  (We didn't have a picture of him.  This is from the internet.)

We had a great time at the museum.  If you are ever in Houston, you should go!  It was really neat!  They had all kinds of different things!  

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