Monday, August 15, 2011

Shootin' with Coach!

This weekend Hunter got to shoot a BB gun for the 1st time and boy was he excited!  

He goes "hunting" for elk and deer in the back yard all the time, but Saturday evening he had his first target practice! 

Here is the video!

We started off shooting at a box and then moved to the can.  He did really well!!!  After a few shots, Coach wasn't even helping him.  Here is he looking for the bb. 

He would shoot and then run up and check the can.  It was so cute!  Even if the can fell off the box, he still had to pick it up and find the new hole. 

Then he would race back and give Coach a hi five!  I don't know who was having more fun... Coach or Hunter! :)

Maggie played with Honey on the porch.  When she gets a little older Coach will teach her too!  I don't know of a better teacher than my dad!  He is amazing!!! 

And this is the picture Ben loves...  I know I am huge, but I still got it! :)  I was shooting the 22, by the way. 

My Sweet boy!!!  I am so excited for my Hunter-man!  He is getting so big!  It won't be long until Coach is taking him hunting for real.  

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