Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday in Houston...

So last Monday we went and saw dinosaurs.  Tuesday we went to the beach.  What did we do Wednesday????  

You know... just monkeyed around... at the Houston Zoo! :) 
We had a great time!  I think since we went on a Wednesday there weren't as many people there, which made it nice!  
Maggie and Hunter both loved petting and brushing the goats!

Maggie could have done this all day long!

(notice Mags hair is still a little crazy from the sunscreen at the beach from the day before)

They love goats!  Honey and Coach's neighbors have goats that they go to see every time they are in Lindsey.  Maybe we should find some brushes and see if they will us brush them...  ummm maybe not. :)  I don't think they are as sweet as these goats were.  

We also saw some baby elephants!  They were so cute... but a little stinky! :)

Jayne carried Hunter for a little while in this blue thing.  I think she realized while he might have been light to carry with that thing, he sure was hot on her back.  It was very hot that day. 

We didn't take many picture at the zoo, but we did have a great time!  The kids did great!  Maggie walked a lot of the time.  She is getting so big!  

So what do you think we did on Thursday??  Any guesses??  

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