Thursday, August 4, 2011


Astronaut Hunter!  We went to Space Center Houston on Thursday!  We really didn't know if Hunter would like it or not.  We have never really talked about outer space or anything like that so we just didn't know... well he LOVED it!  He was so interested in everything!  

This helmet was a little too heavy.  
Hunter was so interested in the astronauts.  He learned a lot!  Next time you see him, you should ask him about it! 

On the moon! 

The car they drove on the moon.

Us waiting to watch a movie type thing about going to the moon.  Maggie did really well during this show!  Hunter was all into it! 

This was my first time to go to NASA in Houston.  If you are ever in Houston, you should go!  They have a lot of stuff for kids to do.  Maggie was a little to young, but Hunter really enjoyed it!  I think we will go back in a few years when he is a little older.  

Oh and we did get...
sooo good!!!!  Hunter loved it, because it wasn't cold and it didn't melt.  Yummy!!!  You should go there just for the ice cream if you ask me! :)

Thank you Nana and Grumpy!  We had a great time!  

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