Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet Gracie's 1st Birthday!

Okay I will finish our Houston trip with my sweet niece's first birthday party!!  Yay!  So last Saturday, July 30th we celebrated Gracie!  Here are some cute pictures! 
Here is the sweet 1 year old, Gracie!  She was busy playing with the kitchen. :)

Way to busy playing... doesn't really want to pose for a pic. 

And more playing.  Her party was at Wonder Wild, by the way.  For those of you in Abilene it was like the Jump Around.  It had a few blow ups and lots of fun climbing things for kids. 

Here's Mags waiting for the party to start! 

So in the very back of the gym there was this blob like thing.  You know like this...
Have you ever seen or been on one of these at the lake?  Well they had one kind of like it, but inside.  It was awesome!!  I do have to say, I was so jealous.  I really wanted to go jump on it, but didn't think that would be so smart.  You are welcome, Dr. Tadvick. 
Maggie LOVED it!!!  She did awesome!  She learned very quick how to fall and how to jump the right way.  She did awesome.  We want one for the back yard!  Santa?? Please! 

She would fall and get up laughing her head off! :)

Daddy really like it, too!  He was on it most of the play time... even if there weren't any kids jumping. :)

Seat Drop! 

You know Hunter LOVED it! 

So they also had this play gym type thing and since I am 8 months prego guess who go to go up with Mags?? 

That would be Daddy! :)  Maggie kept sneaking up there, but couldn't get down by herself so Daddy had to go up and get her every time! 

So after we played it was time for cake and crafts! 
So I got to make sweet Gracie's cake this year!  Yay!  I was so excited.  The theme for her cake was the Hungry Caterpillar.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I was so glad that Nana, Grumpy, Jayne and Ben helped me finish it the night before!  They did a great job! 

Boy is it humid in Houston, by the way!  The cake was very moist!  We definitely weren't in Abilene! 
Singing Happy Birthday to Gracie! 

Ready for some cake! :)

Yummy!  I think she liked it! 

Yeah... she liked it!  Just look at that face! 

Gracie and Nana.  

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Gracie Cate! 
Her actual birthday was this past Wednesday.  We are so glad we were able to come to her party.  She is such a sweet little girl.  We love you, Gracie!!  Happy Birthday! 

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