Saturday, August 27, 2011

H-S H-S U-U!

We are still alive!  I know it has been a loooong time since I have update the blog, but we have been very busy.  So who have we been hanging out with???
These beautiful ladies!  The last 2 weeks we have had cheerleading camp with the one and only Shane Paulsen! Shane was such a blessing to Ben and I and to the cheerleaders, too!  We are so glad he got to come!!!  And then last week was NSO.  It has been crazy, but oh so much fun!  

I absolutely LOVE my team!  They are amazing!  I can't not wait to see what God has in store this year for them and for me, too!  They are such a blessing! 

Yesterday, we had our NSO pep rally and let me tell you my girls did awesome!  I am so proud of each one of them!  I can't wait until our first game, which is next Saturday.  (Please pray for cooler temperatures! It's gonna be hot! )

I had such a great time with my girls the last few weeks, but I do have to say I am looking forward to getting back into our regular schedule.  It has been hard on my sweet kids!  Our schedule has been so off, I feel like I haven't been able to play with them as much as I normally do.  With baby #3 (still no name!!?!) due in less than a month, I plan on soaking up as much playtime with the Hunter-man and my Maggie Moe as possible!  This week, we will go back to our "regular scheduled programing".  I can't wait! 

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